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    Three Scholars Discuss Racism and Whiteness in the Built Environment

    RECORD convened a panel of three professionals in practice and education—Mabel O. Wilson, Mario Gooden, and Justin Garrett Moore—to explore how racism has shaped, and operated within, the profession of architecture.
    雷霆加速器安卓版怎么Cathleen McGuigan
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    ACE Mentor Program Introduces Students to Architecture and Related Fields

    The national organization has offered free mentorship to high school students for more than 25 years, exposing them to a cross section of companies and jobs in design, engineering, construction, and the building sector.
    By: Miriam Sitz
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    One of the most sweeping pieces of civil rights legislation in the country’s history, the Americans with Disabilities Act has changed the way we work, learn, and move through space.
    By: Matthew Messner
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    Cooper Union's Saturday Program Offers Free Architecture Education for Youth

    A bastion of public arts education in New York for more than 50 years, "SatPro" has allowed some 15,000 high schoolers to engage with the arts, learning from—and alongside—undergraduate student instructors.
    By: Miriam Sitz

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  • 06Aug

    Making Healthcare Buildings Healthier

  • 12Aug

    佛跳墙最新破解版 - 好看123:2021-6-15 · 10.佛跳墙加速器破解版安卓版佛跳墙加速器破解版APP v10最新下 点击前往 网站介绍:2021年3月26日 - 软件帝推荐 佛跳墙加速器破解版app操作简单,用户玩游戏再也不用担心时长和网速啦。 软件帝为你带来佛跳墙加速器破解版安卓版v1.0最新下载。安卓...

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    Put the Pedal to the Metal

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